Future house kingpin Don Diablo will be taking over EDM.com's Instagram today, May 1st, for a special "Story Time With Don Diablo” session. Fans can tune in for a special hourlong Instagram Live session (@edm) at 3PM PST (6PM EST), when the Dutch producer and DJ will debut his new single "Voices" and talk about his comic book series, Hexagon.

Debuting his latest release, "Voices," Don Diablo will take us back to his signature future house sound and bring a little bit of nostalgia to classic rock fans with a sample from Sting and The Police. During the live session, he'll delve into the inspiration and creation of the track, and also answer questions from fans.

In March, Don Diablo unveiled the first issue of his comic book series, Hexagon, before releasing the second edition recently. Influenced by his sci-fi favorites, the 80's Star Wars and The Last Starfighter, the story follows a 12-year-old boy named Don who wins an unbeatable video game and unknowingly summons an intergalactic war to his doorstep. 

Created and written alongside Impact Theory founder Tom Bilyeu and award-winning writer Michael Moreci, the comic book series debuted at the New York Comic Con last October and has since an abundance of support from readers of all ages. 

During "Story Time With Don Diablo," the Dutch dynamo will showcase his favorite artwork from Hexagon and the story behind the comic book series and its creation. He will also offer fans an exclusive link for a free digital download for the first issue, provided by Impact Theory.

Between the new track and comic book series, Hexagonians are in for a treat. Tune into EDM.com's Instagram Live (@edm) at 3PM PST (6PM ET). 


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