Some people are seriously itching to get back to the dance floor. And some of those people want it so badly that they are willing to put money down on an event that doesn't even have an official date set in stone.

Well, that event is now coming (at some point) after the announcement of the aptly titled "I Want To Dance Again" party, the brainchild of Live Nation Belgium and Studio Brussel. As for the date this rave will take place, absolutely no one knows—not even the promoters.

"I Want To Dance Again" is to be held at Antwerp's Lotto Arena on the soonest possible date when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted in Belgium. That means the event will be the first post-COVID indoor rave without required masks and social distancing measures in place, as soon as the time comes. Just like the old days.

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"I Want To Dance Again" is also the name of the latest single from Belgian electro duo The Subs, who are co-organizing the event. “Together with The Subs, we will dance and party all night long at the Lotto Arena in Antwerp," the organizers said in the announcement.

Indeed, the rave will last all night, on whichever night it does actually happen. "The sooner, the better," they added. 

For those seeking to dance again as soon as possible, tickets are available now, and priced at €35. For more information, visit the official "I Want To Dance Again" website


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