According to footage obtained by local Las Vegas NBC affiliate KSNV News 3, a massive secret North Las Vegas desert rave took place on the 4th of July in which COVID-19 safety measures were categorically ignored.

Once tickets were purchased online via a sponsor called "Malum Geminos," the secret location of the event was revealed and people were explicitly told not to post about it on social media in order to keep the clandestine party out of the scope of authorities. A copy of the flier, which promised a "multi-stage event," can be found below.

After the News 3 team caught wind of the event, they arrived on the scene to find an enormous illicit party. Footage obtained by the outlet displays a full-fledged rave with mosh-pits, gigantic speaker systems, fireworks, and rowdy revelers exhibiting a rampant disregard for COVID-19 safety measures, including social distancing and masks.

You can watch the footage below.

The event followed an announcement by Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak in response to data released by the Nevada State Occupational Safety and Health Administration that revealed only 49% of businesses were found to be complying with the state's face-covering mandate leading into the holiday weekend.

"The noncompliance numbers reported by State officials are disappointing and unacceptable a week after the face coverings directive was issued," said Sisolak. "If these concerning reports on noncompliance continue, I will not hesitate to take swift and decisive actions next week directed at targeted industries or areas that are experiencing concerning COVID-19 trends and non-compliance."

As of the time of writing, no warrants have been issued in relation to the illegal desert rave.