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Daft Punk may be no more, but a new experience in L.A. won't let the legacy of the robots fade anytime soon.

We recently attended a Daft Punk-inspired concert experience called "CONTACT," an immersive show that marries a "multi-sensory dance party" with a space opera. The 360° show went down at Wisdome, the largest virtual reality dome in the City of Angels.

An evolving roster of DJs and multidisciplinary performers appeared throughout the night, donning realistic versions of Daft Punk's iconic helmets and suits. They performed atop a 3D LED cubed stage, which pulsed with kaleidoscopic colors as they rinsed hits from the duo's discography.

DJs perform at "CONTACT," an immersive concert experience in Los Angeles inspired by Daft Punk.

DJs perform at "CONTACT," an immersive concert experience in Los Angeles inspired by Daft Punk.

The experience kicked off with a rehash of "Epilogue," the infamous, eight-minute swan song that revealed Daft Punk's shocking disbandment in 2021. It was a poignant moment—the calm before the storm, if you will—and it wasn't long before the Wisdome transformed in real-time.

The dome quickly mutated into an adult playground where prismatic lasers and trippy visuals enveloped fans, who were desperate to cling to the last vestiges of Daft Punk.

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The show's various Daft Punk impersonators mirrored the movements of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo to make the experience more lifelike. What was not lifelike, however, were the illusory visuals projected by the 12,000-square foot screen, which transported viewers to a whimsical dreamworld.

DJs perform at "CONTACT," an immersive concert experience in Los Angeles inspired by Daft Punk.

DJs perform at "CONTACT," an immersive concert experience in Los Angeles inspired by Daft Punk.

It was all in execution of a storyline set in a dystopian future, where attendees find themselves in a simulation set up by "Mother," an AI entity in control. The mind-bending visuals, which were the night's pièce de résistance, depict how the beloved robots "discover their humanity and override their programming to free you from Mother's simulation."

"CONTACT" obviously didn't come close to the unrepeatable experience of a real-life Daft Punk show, but that wasn't the objective. It was to celebrate the duo and experience their music in a fun, innovative way. And in that regard, the show was a home run.

"CONTACT" returns to Wisdome November 17-19. You can purchase tickets here.


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