With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing the live music world to a near stand-still, artists, venues, and promoters worldwide have had to get creative with how they bring concert experiences to the masses. While many have adapted to livestream technology, improvisational whiz and loop station maestro Marc Rebillet has been hammering out tracks on camera for his entire career.

Naturally, Rebillet has been streaming quite often in hopes of bringing some positivity to the world during these uncertain times and has used his platform to raise over $34,000 to COVID-19 relief. Now, the one affectionally referred to as "Loop Daddy" is introducing a brand new, social distancing-compliant way of experiencing live music. 

In June and July, Rebillet will be performing live and in-person to fans in their cars at drive-in theaters across the USA. In addition to his eccentric musical stylings, fans can expect to see short films among other mediums of entertainment. 

For those unfamiliar with the internet sensation, Rebillet takes pride in never having a setlist. He writes his music on the fly, using nothing but the equipment in front of him and a variety of exquisite robes and kimonos. 

Tickets to Marc Rebillet's Drive-In Concert Tour are on sale now. To view the dates and purchase tickets, head over to the concert experience's dedicated landing page here.


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