Insomniac Founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella has suggested that the return of Middlelands might be coming next year. While replying to a fan asking him to bring back the festival on one of his recent photos, he said "very close. 2021 looking good," sending fans into a frenzy.

Middlelands was Insomniac's medieval-themed festival held in Todd Mission, Texas north of Houston. The city is the home to the massive Texas Renaissance Festival making it the perfect place for the event. 

Unfortunately for fans of the event, after its debut in 2017 the Texas Renaissance Festival decided they no longer wanted the event on their grounds and it has not appeared since. In a post from 2017, Rotella addressed the issue and explained why the festival could not return.

While the Instagram comment encourages fans hoping for the return of Middlelands, at the time of writing it has not been officially announced.

H/T: Your EDM