Despite Pasquale Rotella's triumphant announcement that the 2021 edition of EDC Las Vegas will move forward with its planned May 21-23 dates, many found themselves perplexed by the festival's nebulous safety plan. The Insomniac boss recently took to Reddit to quell concerns surrounding conflicting reports on the promoter's proposal.

Rotella's statement arrives after a turbulent week for the festival. Prior to the announcement that the event will officially take place in May, Live Nation posted a number of EDC Las Vegas-specific job listings, many of which included the phrase, "Travel required in May." However, prospective attendees who believed they were safe to pack their bags had their plans quickly dashed by the news that Nevada state officials had rejected Insomniac's rigorous safety plan.

Rotella's Reddit post notes that Insomniac is currently formulating a revised safety plan to submit to the Nevada Department of Business and Industry. "The plan that was previously not approved is not the plan that will be used to produce EDC," he wrote. "A revised plan is currently being worked on with government officials that will be executed to make EDC happen."

In a Reddit post, Insomniac founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella noted that the promoter is working on a revised safety plan for EDC Las Vegas 2021.

In a Reddit post, Insomniac founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella noted that the promoter is working on a revised safety plan for EDC Las Vegas 2021.

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"Please know I have more to lose here than anyone, and I wouldn’t be putting the credibility of EDC, Insomniac, and myself on the line by telling you a show was happening if it wasn’t," Rotella continued. "The faith and trust of our Headliner community we’ve built for the past 28 years and the thousands of people we employ to make the show happen are too important to us."

Details on EDC Las Vegas' revised COVID-19 plan are not yet publicly available, but Rotella said they "will be shared soon" along with the festival's lineup. Insomniac's initial proposal, which is now moot, noted that staff members and attendees would either have to be vaccinated or able to produce a negative test onsite. It also revealed that organizers are considering the deployment of COVID-19 scent detection dogs.

You can read Rotella's full Reddit post below.




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