After a rocky start on the first day of the event, the organizers of Rave Family Block Fest announced the indefinite postponement of the in-game Minecraft festival.

A number of artists and fans expressed concerns over how the festival was functioning on its first day. Some claimed that an email with directions on how to join the server was never delivered, while others felt they were deceived by organizers on what to expect from the digital event.

In an open letter to fans and attendees, Rave Family addressed the concerns and shed some light on why they chose to postpone the event. In the statement, they apologize to purchasers and state that they did not intend to deceive anyone. They go on to explain that they will be honoring refunds and working towards delivering the full experience they wish to provide.

Rave Family Block Festival statement

While the main event will be delayed, organizers have shared that the servers will remain open for those who want to explore the festival grounds in the meantime. At the time of writing, it has not yet been announced when Rave Family Block Fest will return. More information on the event can be found on its official website.

For more detailed support and information on refunds, fans are encouraged to join the discussion on the festival's Discord server here.