Fans have been eager to hear new DJ sets from their favorite EDM acts since new regulations attempting to limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world of live music to a dead halt. Fortunately, the power of technology has come to the rescue, and many DJs and producers have taken to the world of livestreaming to continue performing for fans, even if only in a virtual sense.

International superstar REZZ (real name Isabelle Rezazadeh) finally satiated those eager fans with a livestreamed 30-minute DJ set yesterday, and those fans couldn't be more grateful. Bringing the heat for a full-on REZZ experience, Rezazadeh performed as she would live, unlike her virtual reality experience, Beyond The Senses in 2019. 

With a full international touring schedule sadly being brought to a full stop, it was only a matter of time before Rezazadeh took to the web to showcase what she's been up to as of late. Fans had been planning on catching her at EDC Las Vegas, Bonnaroo, and at many other festivals and events. While it's unfortunate that those events have been canceled and/or postponed, the REZZ faithful can be thankful that they're still able to catch her performances via the world wide web. 

H/T: Run The Trap