My friends have talked about the magic of Shambhala Music Festival for years, and this year I’mma finally see what all the hype is about. Or should I say, “aboot?”

If you’re not familiar, Shambhala takes place on a small family-owned farm called Salmo River Ranch in British Columbia. Now, I’m not really into places that get below 0 degrees, but in summer where everywhere south is getting above 100, I figure Canada’s a perfect festi fit. Plus I’ll get to break out my passport! That thing hasn’t seen much action in a hot minute. Tbh, the hope of dank poutine served at the late night kiosks is what really sealed the deal for me.


And the music, of course. I wanted something different and new, and my friends seem to have a special affinity for the Shambhala culture and fam, so I secured a ticket before the lineup was released. And when it was, I was a little surprised to see a bunch of artists I’ve never seen or heard of on the lineup. Instead of bumming that there aren’t as many big name acts on the list (but there are some), I’m excited to experience a ton of new music! I’ve spent the last month picking through the names on the bill, and here are my top picks in a very particular order

See if you can label my music tastes as you work through the list.

  1. Dirt Monkey - Been wanting to see this wubbly wizard for way too long! Listen to his sick mix on the official Shambhala mixes Soundcloud
  2. Gramatik - Because he always brings the heat and the best beats
  3. Space Jesus - He’s been oh so quiet and I gotta see what he’s been up to
  4. Defunk! - Been wanting to see a defunk Shambs set forever and finally gonna see this Canadian funkbot in his element in the Fractal Forest
  5. Boogie T - I love him and all his riddimagic
  6. Buku - I will never miss a Buku set as long as I have feet to dance with
  7. Rezz - Space Mom!
  8. Destructo - He is legend
  9. Basstracks - I just know this’ll be good
  10. Charlesthefirst - Such a unique sound. Caught him opening for a show and can’t wait to see his festival set
  11. Black Tiger Sex Machine - Gotta get a healthy dose of filth
  12. Maximono - This was my second favorite Shambhala mix! These guys throw down the boots and cats
  13. Glitch Mob - Close to my heart
  14. Slynk! - They’re live set from the festival last year is full of happiness
  15. Perkulator - Saw him for the first time in June and didn’t want him to stop
  16. Yheti - Love those weird wobbles
  17. Shlump! - Heavy bass heaven
  18. Dabin - All the feels
  19. Opiuo - The one and only and one of my all-time favs
  20. Mr. Carmack
  21. Boombox Cartel - Please please play the mariachi drop!
  22. Dizzee Rascal - OMG this set will be redic and I must be there
  23. Theo Tzu - Not to be confused with Zhu, this dude's Shambs mix had me stoked for his set right away
  24. Joker - A dub ninja I’ve still never seen
  25. Koan Sound - Love most everything I hear from them and never seen
  26. Dirtwire - I always here they’re great
  27. Stickybuds - A fresh Canadian mix of all the sounds
  28. Feed Me
  29. Dr. Fresch - OG
  30. Blackgummy - Missed his opening set at Rezz in Denver and heard he threw down
  31. Woofax - He’s got that glitch hop I love
  32. The Librarian - Saw her at Bassnectar and she killed it!
  33. Justin Martin - For my rave bae
  34. Edamame - Denver represent!
  35. Oshi
  36. Protohype
  37. Stanton Warriors - OGs of the British Garage scene one of the “never heard of’s” I’m most excited to see
  38. K Lab
  39. Illgates - He’s ill
  40. Phibes - He should actually be higher on this list cause his Shambhala mix was fire
  41. Greazus 
  42. Toadface - Heard the things
  43. Woolymammoth

Of course, we all know it’s impossible to make it to every set you want to see at a festival - you gotta leave your destiny in the forest’s hands - but these are the sets I most want to see. Next up, try to plan it out on the app!