On July 18th, 2020, South African producer Shimza will make history by becoming the first artist to livestream from Robben Island on Mandela Day. 


Shimza is a renowned figure in the global dance music scene, championing the afro tech sound while using his platform as a dedicated philanthropist. He will host his annual "One Man Show" event at one of the world's most politically symbolic locations on his nation's most revered holiday as a way to raise funds for those affected by COVID-19 through The Kolisi Foundation, The Nelson Mandela Foundation, The Shimuzic Foundation, and Robben Island itself. 

Shimza's aim for the livestream is to help educate the youth on South Africa's rich heritage and the location's historical significance through the medium of music. The young artist hopes to honor the legacy of Nelson Mandela while raising awareness of how far the nation has come since his imprisonment, and how much further the world needs to go in order to reach the mission he preached throughout his life's work.  

Located in Table Bay off the coast of Cape Town, the island was used as a fortified prison until 1996 and is the location Mandela served 18 of his 27 years behind bars. It's now both a South African National and UNESCO World Heritage Site, serving as the emblematic backdrop for the triumph of the human spirit, freedom, and democracy in relation to the inhumane Apartheid regime.

Shimza's "One Man Show" livestream will take place on July 18th, 2020 on Mandela Day from 16:00-1800 CEST. To stream and donate, navigate here.


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