With no light at the end of the pandemic's tunnel, drive-in EDM concerts are all the rage in the live music industry at the moment. While have some floundered and some have jumped through loopholes to move forward, it's clear that drive-in raves represent a new normal.

Award-winning Philadelphia-based experiential marketing, festival operations, and content creation company Our People Entertainment is the latest to toss their hat into the drive-in concert ring. The organization has announced its "Festival Drive-In Experience," which will broadcast "Tomorrowland Around the World," the venerated festival brand's forthcoming virtual edition. The event will go down on July 25th and 26th at Rhythm & Reels in Williamstown, New Jersey,

According to a press release, the "Festival Drive-In Experience" will feature a 36’ LED screen, massive sound system, light shows, stunning computer-generated graphics, and immersive virtual stage designs from the team at Tomorrowland. Watch a preview below.

"We had just finished consulting with our friends at the Estate at Monroe to create the Rhythm and Reel’s Drive-In movie theatre and concert venue when I saw that Tomorrowland was doing a virtual festival this year. They had absolutely stunning visuals and a virtual experience more captivating than anything else that had come out recently," said Our People Entertainment co-founder Will Horrocks. "We wanted to take it a step further and deliver an in-person event that music fans are desperate for during this time. In partnership with Tomorrowland, we were able to obtain the rights to broadcast the virtual festival and use our strengths to bring in the highest quality sound and light show to create a one of a kind experience in this COVID era."

Drive-in shows do, of course, come with a litany of safety guidelines due to the impact of COVID-19. According to organizers, cars will enter the lot with minimal interactions with festival staff, who will scan tickets through car windows. From there, ticket-holders will be led to a designated spot, where they will have their own space to enjoy the festivities and exit their car to dance. However, they must stay within their designated area at all times except to use the restroom. Masks are required when traveling to and from the restrooms and social distancing will be strictly enforced.  Moreover, food and beverages will be available to order via smartphone and delivered directly to each vehicle. You can view the safety guidelines below.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the "Festival Drive-In Experience" website here.