Electric Blockaloo is now Rave Family Block Fest. The forthcoming digital event, which has the promise of becoming the world's largest Minecraft music festival, announced over the weekend that it would be changing its name and, additionally, will be delayed by two weeks. 

Regarding the name change, the name Electric Blockaloo was originally intended to pay homage to the breakdancing movement captured by the film Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. More recently, however, the term "boogaloo" was co-opted by an anarchist extremist group in the United States. Organizers wanted to give the heads up to any fans who may be confused after being redirected to Rave Family Block Fest's new website

As for the date change, a long-awaited Minecraft Nether Update fell into conflict with the event's originally scheduled timing to embrace group campers and early arrivals. Given the uncertainty that can come in the initial aftermath of a large-scale update, organizers have decided to push the festival back by two weeks. 

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The new start date for the marathon four-day event is July 9th. Organizers remain confident the choice to delay will ultimately allow for the best experience possible, but they're also excited to unveil what's in the works. "We're anxious to show you what we are building, it's amazing, and we're going to be rolling out virtual tours, including some with artists shortly," the statement read.

More than 850 artists are scheduled to perform at Rave Family Block Fest, including Galantis and ZHU, among many others.


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