Going to an EDM show is like going to a zoo. There are all sorts of different creatures that inhabit the area, and they all have their own special way of expressing themselves. Dancing is the most universal form of expression, and ravers have gone far and beyond the norm to spread that message.

Whether your dance moves came to life through your passion for EDM or they've just been molded by personal experience, there's no doubt that you will encounter these ten dance moves at one point or another. Check out these embarrassing dance moves below:

1. The choreographed squad dance

2. The solo shuffle dance

3. The baby-maker dance

4. The phone-a-friend dance

5. The random dad dance

6. The twerk-a-holic dance

7. The "all eyes on me" dance

8. The bathroom line dance

9. The voguer than vogue dance

10. The dancefloor destroyer