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In a little over a decade, Spotify has developed arguably the most robust playlist-driven ecosystem of its kind. While many dance music fans religiously listen to Spotify's Mint, Bass Arcade and Dance Hits playlists - which consist of hand-picked songs by Spotify's curation team - the platform additionally has numerous algorithmically driven, personalized playlists you may not have uncovered yet.

These playlists aim to cater to your individual preferences and create an endless stream of songs both new and old that Spotify thinks you'll love. 

Whether you're a free user or a premium subscriber, you can utilize these personalized playlists to better your listening experience in a variety of different contexts. To find your own personalized playlists on Spotify, search for them by name on the desktop or mobile app. 

Discover Weekly


Discover Weekly is the best place to start when it comes to getting a feel for what algorithmic playlists can offer. Every Monday, your Discover Weekly ushers in a new offering of new songs and artists to explore. Discover Weekly is compiled based on a variety of factors. Spotify not only leverages your personal listener data in order to create the playlist, but it also compares your listening habits against other Spotify users who have similar tastes. Through Spotify's network of subscribers, the company has amassed enough data in order to accurately predict songs and artists you're likely to enjoy before you've even discovered them.

Release Radar


Release Radar is a weekly playlist that puts new music in front of you from the artists you follow or otherwise listen to heavily. It's the best way to stay up to date on new music from the artists you care about most. Release radar is updated every Friday, which is typically the biggest day of the week for new music. 

If you're an artist yourself, here's a tip: be sure to submit your next song for distribution at least a week in advance of the song's release date. Spotify rewards planning ahead by making your song available to as many of your followers as possible on their Release Radar playlists as soon as it comes out. 

On Repeat


If you have a lineup of songs you play nonstop chances are they've landed in your On Repeat playlist. This personalized playlist aggregates the songs you've been playing most over the past 30 days. Similarly, the playlist auto-updates as time passes and your listening behavior changes, but no matter when you check it On Repeat is sure to consist of the songs you've been playing the most. 

Repeat Rewind


Similar to On Repeat, your personalized Repeat Rewind playlist consists of songs you can't get enough of. The difference is that Repeat Rewind is a selection of slightly older songs you made a concerted effort to play in recent memory - not only the past 30 days. Songs will never overlap between your On Repeat and Repeat Rewind playlists simultaneously, so there's always reason to check out both. 

Pet Playlists

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In a surprising piece of research, a Spotify-conducted survey found 71% of pet owners play music for their pets. Pet Playlists is the newest personalized playlist function on Spotify. Just by answering a few questions about your pet, Spotify's algorithm will generate a playlist offering music both you and your pet can enjoy together. 

Your Summer Rewind


Summer releases are always worth reliving. Spotify knows summertime and music go hand in hand, and with Your Summer Rewind you can relive your favorite songs of summers past all year long. This playlist updates once annually and is a selection of songs you've listened to heavily over the course of the last few summers. Even after summer ends you can still check out Your Summer Rewind when you need a boost in the cold winter months. 

Your Daily Drive

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Spotify is always making data-driven decisions. When the company realized Americans are spending a combined 70 billion hours behind the wheel each year they set out to create a proper listening experience for the road. Unlike the platform's other algorithmic playlists, which are music based, Your Daily Drive combines daily news segments and music in a cohesive listening experience. Think of it as a personalized radio show. The mix transitions seamlessly from daily news segments into music you already love from Spotify. The program updates throughout the day as the news changes so Your Daily Drive consistently stays relevant with up to date information. 

Your Daily Mix


Not only does Spotify understand which artists and what type of music you are listening to - it understands the flow in which you listen to it. Your Daily Mix is a function that creates algorithmic playlists based on logical groupings of artists and tracks. Depending on how much you use Spotify, the Your Daily Mix function creates up to six personalized playlists daily that are segmented logically based on your different listening patterns and behaviors.

Your Top Songs [By Year]


If you've spent any amount of time on social media during the holiday season, you've likely seen friends and artists posting Spotify infographics showcasing their year in streaming. Along with these Spotify "Wrapped" reports comes an annual algorithmic playlist update showcasing your top songs of the year. Your Top Songs is a selection of the songs you played most throughout the calendar year. If you've been a Spotify subscriber for more than a year, chances are you have multiple Your Top Songs playlists to discover.  

Your Time Capsule


Spotify will have you feeling nostalgic with Your Time Capsule, a personalized Spotify playlist designed to take you back in time. This playlist is a compilation of songs that shaped your teenage years and early 20s. Given the age consideration, this personalized playlist will only generate for users over the age of 16. For a selection of throwbacks that shaped your younger years, look no further than Your Time Capsule for a blast to the past. 

Are there any other personalized playlists on Spotify you frequently listen to? Let us know on social media. 



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