The life of a DJ usually consists of three things - incredible lack of sleep, persistently loud noises, and copious amounts of alcohol. This lifestyle is oddly similar to that of a modern raver, and for that, we see pieces of ourselves within each of our favorite DJs.

Now, we might not always be able to tell how little sleep they get, or how heavy their tinnitus is, but we sure as hell can see when they're in their most inebriated/goofy stages, and we've collected 10 instances that DJs channeled themselves into our piss-drunk aliases:

1. Dillon Francis in front of a crowd

2. Skrillex at the gas station

Drunk Skrillex in Gas Station

3. Diplo in the pool

Drunk Diplo In A Pool

4. Ookay re-hydrating

Drunk Ookay Rehydrating

5. Zedd steady-sippin

6. Oliver Heldens ridin' dirty

Drunk Oliver Heldens on an Inflatable Duck

7. Porter Robinson when he's hungry

Drunk Porter Robinson eating a banana

8. Steve Aoki trying to sit down

9. Calvin Harris handling the bar tab

A-Trak and Calvin Harris at a bar

10. Carnage trying not to vomit

DJ Carnage Trying Not To Throw Up



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