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On a recent radio show, DJ and Worldwide FM host Helfetica showed that the unifying power of electronic music spans multiple generations of listeners.

Case in point: Helfetica brought her 100-year-old grandmother onto the show to discuss her impressions of electronic music, as well as her favorite records.

While there's often an impression the elderly are set in their ways, Helfetica describes her grandmother—affectionately referred to as "OB"—as "staggeringly open minded." OB has twin passions in jazz and electronic music, and the two worlds oftenn converge on her favorite records, such as the ethereal Floating Points and Pharaoh Sanders collaboration, "Movement 1."

The two discussed their connection with a wide variety of electronic genres ranging from the Italo disco sounds of Demi Riquisimo to the jungle influences of Olof Dreijer. "If OB was not born in 1921, she would absolutely be a raver," Helfetica declared.

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Helfetica says OB was more recently introduced to her favorite electronic duo of the moment, Bicep, and the duo's tunes, especially "You," never cease to inspire a groove.

Overall, OB's knowledge of deep electronic cuts is vast enough to put many experienced ravers to shame. Discover her wisdom and catch her favorite tunes on Helfetica's full Worldwide FM radio show below.

"Helfetica with OB" Tracklist:

1. Pharoah Sanders + Floating Points – Movement I
2. KMRU – Window Stills
3. KMRU – Argon
4. KMRU – Jinja Encounters
5. Yasuaki Shimizu – Seiko 2
6. Olof Dreijer – Echoes From Mamori
7. Oni Ayhun – OAR003-B
8. Hammer – Think About Me
8. Demi Riquisimo – Certified
9. Bicep + Ejeca – You
10. Bicep – Meli I
11. Elkka – Harmonic Frequencies
12. Anz – Inna Circle
13. Octo Octa – Can You See Me
14. Danny Howard – Mr B
15. Mike Dunn – Natural High
16. Galcher Lustwerk – Another Story
17. Deena Abdelwahed – Tawa
18. Anz – Helps Your Hips Move
19. Special Request – Erotic Discourse
20. Special Request + Tim Reaper – Quiet Storm
21. Special Request + Tim Reaper – Pull Up
23. Drexciya – Andrean Sand Dunes


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