Seeing how there are now thousands of DJ names out in the world today, creating your own alias can feel a lot like stepping on toes. It takes some extra creativity to find a name that fits your identity and your sound, but it doesn't take much to go overboard.

After digging through numerous Reddit threads and DJ forums, we collected 11 of the most ridiculous DJ names out there (both real and fake), and we've listed them for your enjoyment below:

* did not create any of these aliases provided below.

1. Paris Trillton


2. Osama Spin Laden

"Apparently his sets are 'the bomb'."

3. Dan Syndrome

"Um... what?"

4. DJ PayPal


5. Oprah Spinfrey

"You get a mix, and you get a mix; everyone gets a mix!"


"The DJ that can't seem to go away."

7. DJ Dog Dick


8. Pedovinyl

"His gigs are notoriously 16 and under."

9. Vinyl Richie

"He'll keep the party going all night long."

10. DJ Micro Penis


11. George Moshington

"It is better to offer no mix than a bad one."