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It's no secret that music can have a life-changing impact. However, EDM has had a slightly tainted reputation over the years — from its "trendy" nature to its negative influence on the "youth." Putting all those misconceptions aside, EDM is still music, and we're here to set the record straight and go into the details on why it can actually be quite good for you. 

1. EDM makes you remember the good times

Music can have profound effects on your emotions. Researchers from Canadian universities found that upbeat music like EDM can make you recall exciting memories, specifically the ones that are associated with exhilarating emotions such as parties or theme park rides. EDM has an unrivaled ability to make listeners feel more optimistic and enthusiastic about their future.

2. EDM lifts your spirits

Whenever you need a pick-me-up, EDM can help you develop the willpower to keep moving. The genre is specifically produced to make people dance – and nobody is going to groove to beats that make them feel sad. An EDM track is typically made up of several distinct elements (which can of course vary): a 16-beat intro to set the mood, a memorable melody, and a clear progression before laying down the drop. Anticipation of the drop can increase your brain’s dopamine levels, the chemical primarily responsible for making you feel good.

3. EDM helps you concentrate

Whether you’re studying, working, or managing family finances, music can make it much easier (and more enjoyable) to concentrate on repetitive tasks, says neuroscientist Daniel Levitin. As a general rule, the music needs to be upbeat, happy, and with limited lyrical content so that you don't get distracted. A great deal of EDM, particularly on the chill side of the spectrum, fits these criteria to a T. 

4. EDM enhances your workouts

Listening to music while exercising can greatly improve the quality of your workouts. In a study featured on Lottoland, it was found that cyclists performed better when listening to fast tempo rock music. This is because the music’s dynamics help them get “in the zone,” so the grueling effort involved with exercise is mitigated by your musical enjoyment. EDM works in a similar way by drowning out the “noise” with its repetitive patterns and ambient soundscapes.

5. EDM inspires you to create your own music

EDM is currently one of the hottest genres in the music industry. From dance music to chart-topping arrangements made by EDM producers like Diplo and Calvin Harris – just listening to its low basses and sick drops is enough to inspire you to make your own. Luckily, music-producing software like Reaper and Cubase can help you start mixing. All you need to do now is to study the theory side of it, get in lots of practice, and dedicate yourself to the craft, while also looking for mentors to teach you. 

There's no use trying to give EDM a bad reputation, as it has many of the same benefits as similar genres, if not more. Heck, even dubstep is proven to help strengthen your neck muscles. Even if electronic music isn’t for everyone, you can’t deny its cultural pull, or it's undeniable mental benefits.