What does the perfect EDM festival entail?

This might be a bold statement, but festivals are one of the best things that have ever happened to music culture. EDM festivals are particularly incredible to me, because of the countless connections I’ve made and the unbelievable live acts witnessed. However, there are certain aspects of EDM festivals that inevitably lead to complications in fully appreciating the event. If these 5 particular changes were made and enforced by all EDM festivals, it would significantly improve the experience for everyone who attended.

1) Water should always be free

It seems like we are beating a dead horse with this statement, but water is a basic necessity for sustaining human life. There are so many other ways for promoters to capitalize on people within festival boundaries that water shouldn’t even be considered as a way to generate a profit. Charging for water is a reflection of a festival’s true intentions of generating high profit over a genuine concern for the safety of their patrons.

2) Age restrictions


…how could that not make you uncomfortable?

EDM festivals should only be allowed for those who are 18+. An all-ages EDM festival is like letting a child go to a rated-R movie, hoping that they will fully understand the nuances in the plot rather than counting how many full-frontal scenes they witnessed. These festivals are essentially an adult playground, and seeing children infiltrate this space makes everyone else feel a little less moral and a little more worried about these tiny peoples' overall well-being.

3) Good Samaritan laws should be enforced and publicized

Good Samaritan laws protect those who provide reasonable assistance to people who are otherwise incapacitated from legal repercussions. It is all too often during festival season that we hear of someone who died because of an overdose, or ended up in the hospital because of something that could have been mitigated more quickly and efficiently. If patrons are afraid to communicate with medics and security because they fear for their own well-being or legal standing, it causes a huge road block in actually helping those who immediately need it.

4) Tickets shouldn’t be sold for astronomical prices

It seems like ticket prices are skyrocketing every year, and just when you think the prices are high enough, they get even higher! This partly has to do with the problem of overproduction, but overall, increasing ticket prices to an exorbitant amount is bound to make EDM festivals obsolete. It truly is a reflection of our consumerist society too, as it affirms that we will go to any length to “buy” an experience instead of creating one for ourselves.

5) More emphasis on recycling efforts

EDM festivals produce an obscene amount of trash, including abandoned tents, cigarette butts littering the venue, and plastic water bottles scattered everywhere. These are issues that can be mitigated if there was a little more emphasis on sustainability. I’m not going to debate the reality of global warming, but without the efforts of production companies to keep EDM festivals as eco-friendly as possible, their patrons are simply going to accelerate the rate of pollution. This affects everyone on Earth, regardless of your attendance at a festival.