EDM has continued to evolve since its inception in the late 70s, and today we see it in its most developed form with hundreds of genres and subgenres sweeping the world. Although disco "crashed & burned," house music rose from its ashes, and thanks to the dynamic advancements of synthesizers and drum machines, it was able to adapt new forms as it traveled between the US and the UK.

Each of the today's biggest genres have a long and powerful history in our scene, and we've collected 7 documentaries that accurately depict the rise of our favorite sounds. Whether you listen to house, techno, trance, dubstep, drum & bass, or other, get your history lessons from these amazing films:

1. Pump Up The Volume

One of the most in-depth documentaries of house music to date, "Pump Up the Volume" spends 2.5 hours highlighting the development of so many genres we see and hear today, and features interviews with some of the pioneers of the industry. Charting the rise of house, techno, garage, and even drum & bass, "Pump Up the Volume" is a must-see for any interested EDM fan.

2. 10 Years of Dance Music

Toolroom Records is a pioneer in house music today, and they celebrated their 10 year anniversary in 2013 with an enlightening film about their history in EDM, and how America has transformed the foreign sounds into the multi-billion dollar industry it is today. Featuring cameos from some of the biggest names in dance music today, we get a true inside look at the growth of today's scene in this short but sweet documentary.

3. Living Inside the Speaker

Dubstep fans, this one's for you. Living Inside the Speaker is a deep journey through one of EDM's darkest scenes to date: dubstep in Bristol, UK. The advancements of sound and club culture in Bristol during the 1990's and 2000's helped push dubstep to the forefront of EDM, and today, we see it as one of the biggest styles of EDM around the world.

4. Detroit Techno - The Creation of Techno Music

"Detroit Techno - The Creation of Techno Music" does a fantastic job tying together the history of techno, the struggles of its scene, and the advancements in its technology over the last 30 years. It documents the most pivotal characters in the scene, features cameos from the pioneers of the techno movement, and explains how it developed from an oppressed genre of sound to the soundtrack of underground culture around the world.

5. Jungle Music (Channel 4)

If you listen to drum & bass and don't know what jungle is, you're in for quite the treat. In Channel 4's Jungle Music documentary speaks with many of the founders of drum & bass about the culture, sound, and growth of its following from the early days in the UK to where it stands today. Understand the roots of drum & bass in this documentary, and you might find yourself some new jungle tunes on the way.

6. How Clubbing Changed the World

Idris Elba hosts "How Clubbing Changed the World," a history lesson on the evolution of club culture from its earliest beginnings to today's multi-national scene. It talks about almost every event in the history of our scene from the US to UK to Ibiza and more.

7. Talkin' Headz - The Metalheadz Documentary

Another documentary for the drum & bas fans out there, Metalheadz has served as a pioneer to the drum & bass scene for over twenty years, and Talkin' Headz explains what exactly got them and their scene to where it stands nowadays. Featuring interviews with a handful of the biggest drum & bass acts before and now, each discussion raises a new point in understanding why people just can't get enough drum & bass.