EDM fans love their music, culture and festivals. They take pride in their favorite artists, the power of music and the magic of live show experiences. Believe us, you don't want to say something that will put you in the middle of a disgruntled crowd of ravers. They just may PLUR you to smithereens. If it goes down online... every one of your social media inboxes will be overflowing before you can say "Armin van Buuren." To avoid being shunned from the EDM world for imPLURfect conduct, here are 10 things you should never say.

All dance music sounds the same.

Who's Daft Punk?

All they're doing is pushing buttons.

Shouldn't you sleep?

Electric Daisy Carnival isn't THAT cool.

Tickets are sold out.

I don't dance.

Written by Jamie Lamberski