24-year-old Italian DJ Dazzo has been passionate about music for as long as he can remember. Growing up in Italy, music was a very large part of his upbringing. Studying music since a young age inspired him to continue on the musical path in high school, where he learned the basics of composition and production, even learning how to play the guitar as well as the clarinet.

Shortly after his studies, Dazzo became a DJ when he met his best friend and partner while working at Genoese discos, a public relations firm. Having bonded over their passion for music, the two decided to join forces and are now known as the emerging Italian duo Donis & Dazzo. Through innovative music production, their sound is constantly evolving.

Donis & Dazzo

Davide Randazzo and Alessio Dionisio of the DJ duo Donis & Dazzo.

The tandem participated as guests DJs at various clubs and festivals around Italy for the first few years of their career, which begun in 2014. Then, in 2019, they decided to focus on the production of singles featuring other emerging artists.

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The song, dubbed "Picture," is a euphoric rush of future bass bliss.

"Since I started producing and officially releasing singles and featuring with other emerging artists, I realized that this would immediately become my path," Dazzo said.

Donis & Dazzo have released three singles to date. The first two, "Peter Parker" and "Adrenalina," were created in collaboration with rising Genoese singers Helios and Sofiaa. Their third and most recent single, "Jackpot," was a collaboration with Mose, a singer-songwriter from the Talent Show of Mediaset.

"I definitely intend to leave a mark on the Italian music scene and maybe also on the international scene," Dazzo asserted. In what looks like a bright career, he's certainly on the right path.

You can get familiar with Dazzo via the links below.


Facebook: facebook.com/DonisAndDazzoOfficial
Twitter: twitter.com/iamdazzomusic
Instagram: instagram.com/iamdazzomusic
Spotify: spoti.fi/3j8bRMv



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