Montreal's Moonshine Collective is set to take over Club House Global with a livestream event celebrating dance music's storied African roots.

The collective, which started six years ago, initially began with intimate kitchen house parties in the Montreal area. It has since grown in scope, concurrent with the worldwide rise of Afrobeats music over the last decade, to materially change the city's nightlife scene by introducing a new generation of listeners to sounds not previously heard in the region.

Today, August 8th, the collective will be going virtual in a partnership with Club House Global that is set to feature performances by BrankoKampirePierre KwendersSan FarafinaAkantuBonbon KojakOdile Myrtil and Foreigner.

Despite live events being put on hold in the pandemic era, Moonshine Collective's far-reaching network is set to yield exciting new music this year. That will include the release of the collective's first mixtape produced entirely in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by rising producer DJ P2N.

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An innovation of the pandemic era, Club House Global is a platform that has rapidly taken shape and made a tangible social impact over the last five months. The organization has made a mission of supporting the performing arts and nightlife communities in these challenging times. 

In particular, Club House Global finds alignment with Moonshine Collective in its approach to spotlighting the Black community's foundational contributions to dance music. Black founders have been on the genre's front lines from the birth of house music in Chicago to the genesis of tech music in Detroit.

Previously, the organization celebrated Black Music Month with a livestream featuring performances by Rich Medina, Boddhi Satva, UNIIQU3, Aluna of AlunaGeorge, KG, and Shaq's son Myles O'Neal. The organization has fundraised off of these efforts to provide critical assistance to MusiCares, the George Floyd Memorial Fund, and many other charities.

Moonshine's curated livestream takeover will be taking place on Club House Global from 2PM to 9PM PT today.




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