With the huge blow to nightlife around the globe caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, promoters are getting creative as club-goers and music fans seek ways to fill the void left by the absence of regular music events. Enter Club Quarantäne, a fully immersive digital clubbing experience that can be enjoyed in the comfort and socially distanced safety of your own home. 

In just three virtual events, Club Quarantäne has already seen over 700,000 online attendees, who visited from around the globe via their web browsers of choice, enjoying DJ sets from the likes of Ben UFO, Ash Lauryn, Dax J, and more. 

Clulb Quarantäne boasts a 360-degree virtual dance floor and "club landscape," complete with music, visuals, and interactive features. Users wait in a virtual queue to get into the club, and lots are "turned away" - over 40,000 people on the first night alone didn't make it in, mirroring the unpredictable practices of bouncers at clubs like Berghain in a very tongue-in-cheek manner. 

In an interview with Business Insider, Berlin promoter and Club Quarantäne collaborator Carlo Luis Ruben Schenk revealed that turnaways are done in a completely random fashion, after a series of questions from a digital bouncer are answered. Hopeful entrants need not worry, however, as browsers can be refreshed for another chance to get in once turned away. 

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Inside the club, features like Zoom parties, instant messaging, interactive and ever-changing visuals, a donation system that benefits various causes, and much more can be enjoyed. Users are already enjoying the online clubbing space, which may just be the closest thing to returning to actual nightclubs that the world has seen yet. "I closed my eyes and for a second I felt like I was back," attendee Danya Adib told Business Insider. 

The team behind Club Quarantäne—which includes promoters, technologists, and designers from across the European continent—prides the concept on being not just a way to enjoy a club DJ set online, but rather a fully immersive, socially-distant-yet-social experience for music lovers and avid clubbers to enjoy together. Its lighthearted nature and nearly satirical practices that reflect posh nightclub culture are meant to bring joy and laughter to those who miss the nightlife scene the most. 

Quarantäne is free to enter, but attendees have the option to donate to various organizatioms benefiting social, political, and environmental causes via the club's digital bar. Club Quarantäne is planning even more events to benefit the LGBTQ+ community and expand its territory to include more genres and different types of themes. 

To visit Club Quarantäne and learn more, visit the official website.  

Credit: Business Insider



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