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When you’re in any creative field you tend to look up to the people you admire, people who have inspired you enough to take this path. But, they are not the only people, right?? There are up and coming personalities and those who just shoot up to the top overnight.

If you’re new, you might think “WOW, this human is doing great, I’ll get to this level someday,” but if you’ve been at it for a long enough time with no satisfactory results and see people shooting up here and there, your course of thought will be totally different and will go something like “Well, this is ridiculous, I’m way better and I should be there where that human is.”

Ever had a thought something similar to explained above cross your mind? If No, then good. You’re either new or believe in yourself so much that jealousy never striked your soul (which is definitely good) but if the answer is Yes, then hey, you’ve been sucked into the comparison realm. The state that you must be going through definitely is dream shattering but there’s always a way out and different perspective to take up and move on to achieve bigger and better.

So, here’s what you can do if you find yourself playing this real nasty comparison game:

1. You Don't Know The Backstory

Once you find yourself comparing your life steps to others, just ask yourself, “Do I know the backstory of this person?” because the moment you start doing this, you’ll find yourself having no judgments regarding anyone’s success. You don’t know how hard that person worked to get here, you don’t know what that human had to sacrifice to achieve this, You can’t let the basic judgemental characteristic of this human nature get the best of you.

Whenever you find yourself starting any type of comparison say to yourself “I wish the best for this person in his/her journey and I’m sure I’ll get there too sooner or later.” Stay positive and think positive because overthinking and comparison will only bring you down!

2. It’s a Phase

If you’re not the one that compares to others and find that you’ve started now, this very well might just be a phase. Why? Because a string of things you must be working on didn’t work/ go as you planned (which is inevitable) and this is making you sad thereby looking at other and you’re trying to validate yourself!

From what I’ve learned, the comparison can go on for as long as you want and as intense as your soul wants. This thing can lead you down to a dark alley from which finding a way back can be rather difficult so, figuring this out as early as possible is the best way to make sure that this sudden comparison of your life to others was just a phase and if it comes back again in the future, you’ll be well equipped to tackle it!

3. Will It Do You Any Good?

Healthy comparisons are always good as long as you’re just trying to get motivated and work even harder. If you’re getting depressed and having signs of anxiety, you did it wrong boi. Comparison is a super subjective as some artists say that they compare themselves to their friends to get motivated enough and kill it at whatever they are doing.

While some just start overthinking so much that they destroy the best things that have been going on for them. In the end, it’s just about what your perspective is. Seeing everything in a positive manner can do wonders for you. If anything isn’t feeding your soul in a good way, it probably isn't good for you!

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Comparison will only suck out the joy from your life and leave you with a pretty empty heart. It's like straight up watching Infinity War without seeing the previous movies. So yeah, you don’t want that. Always keep your head held high and on a planet where the life form has figured out how to get to another planet, you finding success is something that is definitely possible and you should have a firm belief in it, know that you'll get to where you want and it’s just a matter of time. Hope this motivates you in some way or the other! Keep killing it!