Daft Punk have been reincarnated as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Because, well, 2021.

In the joyless absence of both Daft Punk and Breaking Bad, someone decided to create a deepfake marrying the two in a video as creepy as it is magnificent.

For those unfamiliar with the scourge of deepfakes, they are fake bits of media that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to replace a person in an image or video with the likeness of another. Designed for deception, deepfakes are dangerous and have largely been developed for the purposes of political hoaxes, celebrity porn videos, and fake news. 

However, this particular deepfake is a treat. Or nightmare fuel, depending on your sense of humor. It depicts the show's legendary protagonists bopping their heads as they lip-synch Daft Punk's generational anthem "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger," and it looks completely real.

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The video is either hilarious or absolutely horrifying—there's no in-between. Check it out below. And for more EDM and Breaking Bad crossover content, check out these six songs that are also badass quotes from the show.



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