Livestreamed DJ sets have gained massive popularity since music fans across the world found themselves in lockdown due to COVID-19. We've seen some impressive production in those streams—virtual nightclubs to remote locations—but no DJ is approaching streaming quite like Dom Whiting.

Eight weeks ago, Whiting launched the first installment of "Drum & Bass On The Bike," and yes—it's exactly what it sounds like. Whiting has rigged a Pioneer DJ mixer onto his bicycle and has been riding around UK cities while performing DJ sets.

The series of cleverly executed and overall impressive streams began in Marlow on March 21st, when Whiting strolled around town with drum breaks and reese basses echoing around him as he managed to make clean transitions—and not run into any walls. He stopped and chatted with inquisitive passersby and spread some much-needed cheer in a city that is clearly in need of it after a year of lockdown.

The drum & bass ride then continued through Oxford for the second installment, as well as a special set in London's Hyde Park. A week ago Whiting streamed the third installment as he rode around Bristol, bringing even more joy to all he encountered, and this time with a group of enthusiastic cyclists in tow.

That group followed Whiting around through the entire 90-minute set, which spanned the spectrum of drum & bass, from liquid to neurofunk, jungle, and everything in between.

Whiting has made a name for himself through the use of Facebook Live as well as Instagram, where he shares fun clips from each edition of "Drum & Bass On The Bike" and reaches worldwide audiences with his unique take on livestreamed DJ sets. 

Whiting hasn't posted any information on where the next installment of the series will take place, but music fans can keep an eye on his socials below to keep a pulse on the athletic UK DJ's whereabouts. 





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