Every single day, the majority of us wake up and immediately check our phones. Every single day, we study the lives of others - and often become jealous at the life in which others are able to live compared to our own. We're often caught up in the beauty of a model at a fashion event, or a travel influencer in the jungles of the Amazon Rainforest, or simply just friends on vacation. 

But whatever the reason is, social media can also provide a beautiful escape from our daily lives, and often become inspired to achieve something. For example, you could see somebody paddle boarding through Florida, and decide that you want to explore the world - instead of staying indoors being unproductive.

I spoke to Enlarge Your World, a large instagram account, about the impacts that social media can have on society. 

"Sometimes i hear people talk about social media and they hate it. They say to people that social media is unreal. I agree with that a bit: some things are real and some aren’t. But try to remember that only the best of the best pictures and videos will be shared. The so-called influencers also have also a normal life. 

And of course you don’t have to believe everything on social media, just a bit but try to remember that it also brings so much more value to our lives".

What you have to remember is that in real-life, many people show a facade. For example, you could be meeting up with friends and claim that your life is perfect (when in reality it isn't). People have attached an unfair stigma to documenting our lives on social media. Instead, it should be embraced. Just be aware that what you see on social media is often not the whole story. 



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