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Music festivals are one of the hottest commodities for music lovers. Earlier this month, Coachella broke hearts around the world -selling out in just one hour! With 250,000 attendees in 2017, festival attendance is only increasing. This means the probability of you snagging a ticket is even less likely this year! With prices and attendance rapidly increasing, one may ask: How the hell do I get into a music festival for free?! Well, you can do it the unethical way or you can do it a proper way. Either way, you're in baby! Take a leap of faith and check out these hacks to get into your next music festival for free!Wrist game strong

One of most classic ways to swindle your way into a festival. Put a shit ton of old or handmade wristbands on, making it difficult for security to differentiate. Walk with confidence, wave your arms and boom. You’re in. If not, run!Write for a music blog

Getting into the blogging world is a great way to earn the golden ticket! Represent great music sites, ( cough cough) and you’ll be at every festival under the sun. Jump the fence

Start practicing your running, jumping and climbing skills because this is one technique you have to be physically equipped for. Not only do you have to be fit, but you have to have the balls to be that weird human climbing over the fence. Is it worth the risk? Well, we aren’t too sure, but you’ll never know until you try. Just don't hurt yourself (or get arrested).Take photos

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Have a camera? Have an eye for the finer things in life? Bring that and boy to your next festival and soon your hobby will become your jobby. With a little time and practice, every festival will be wanting you!

Be a groupie

Ah yes, theres nothing better than being “friends” with the talent. If you create connects, use this to your full advantage and soon enough you’ll be on all of the guest lists! And believe us, you'll be surprised to know that it's not just ladies working this angle – fellas, you can work your magic too!



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