What do you look for in a music festival? What are the deciding factors that make you click that purchase button? There are many aspects that come to our mind but there are some that make or break the scene. To have the greatest and most memorable time, festival standards are crucial! We have gathered our top qualities that we look for in our ideal festival experience!

Festival Style

A festival that cultivates a certain look is extremely thrilling! the opportunity to incorporate your style with the festival style is the perfect masterpiece!

Those Views

A redwood forest or an ocean view is our ideal music situation. The the picturesque landscapes coupled with beautiful music is a moment you will never forget. Convention centers and asphalt areas might not be the most magical of places! 

The People

Some crowds suck! Reach out to previous attendees about their experiences to get an idea of the type of people you’ll be surrounded by! Energy is contagious! 

The Lineup

Whats a festival without the music? If there is 25% of the lineup you must see, go. If not, it might be a bit unenjoyable without the excitement and familiarity of your favorite artists throughout the day! You could also do some homework and listen to the artist roster prior to buying!


Scheduling the top artists at the same time really bums us out. Time conflicting schedules are the bane of our festival experience. Rosters that allow headliners to perform at different times is a star in our book!


Venue maps, water accessibility, first aid tents and clear signage are all great indicators to whether one should return to a festival! Organization should be a vital factor in your festival decision making. Without this, expect your festival experience to be a circus!