In a competitive industry populated by men, women are rapidly changing the tone of that notion!

It takes a combination of talent, drive, and guts to play ball with the boys. Alison Wonderland, Anna Lunoe, and Mjia, to name a few, have killed the game in mixing and producing – creating more female agency than ever before.

Here are fresh ladies adding to the musical diversity and we could not be more thankful. Put your headphones on and check out these up and coming rock stars!

1. Elohim

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Elohim does it all. This talented lady not only mixes and makes beats, but she sings as well! With collaborations with Louis the Child and Whethan, you cannot overlook this versatile lady this year.

2. Cray

 Producer, mixer, and video game enthusiast, Cray takes the term dope to the next level. Accumulating an audience to the tens of thousands, this trap queen’s musical endeavors are looking bright. Dating DJ/Producer Vincent, this dream team will not go anywhere but up.

3. Kittens

Lauren Abedini, picked up her passion in dance music from her older brother – inspiring her to follow that fire in her heart! Kitten’s eclectic taste in rap, future bass and electronic beats will make it hard to resist this fierce female.

4. Carter Cruise

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7. Sam Blacky

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8. Nora En Pure

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