Co-written with Nick Yopko

With the spookiest holiday just around the corner, we’ve got the most terrifying EDM soundtrack for your favorite horror movie villains. 

Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare On Elm Street) - Psycho by Yellow Claw & GRX & Cesqeaux

Freddy Krueger

The king of horror movie villains himself, the one and only dream demon Freddy Krueger deserves nothing less than a badass song. Yellow Claw’s trap collaboration with it’s bassy kicks and piercing strings, that are reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s psychological thriller Psycho, couldn’t be more perfect for the most terrifying reality warping serial killer.

Jigsaw (Saw) - What You Gonna Do About It by Flux Pavilion


There isn’t a song more fitting for the master of games and choices John Kramer aka Jigsaw of the Saw films. We know all too well that Jigsaw loves to test his victims’ will to live through a game of choices, whether that be hurting themselves or others in order to stay alive and escape. Flux Pavilion’s electronica/drumstep track, with it’s video game sound and lyrics that beg the question, “What you gonna do about it,” is a perfect combination of what Jigsaw is all about.

Pennywise (It) - Freak by Zac Waters


For the currently popular fear hungry clown It, otherwise known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown or Bob Gray, Zac Waters’ newest track on Monstercat, “Freak,” has just the right amount of that dark and gritty sound that encapsulates this sewer dweller. The vocals even give that creepy vibe that surrounds Pennywise’s super aggressiveness when it comes to instilling fear in his victims through his shapeshifting and manipulative methods.

Ghostface (Scream) - Kill Everybody by Skrillex


You never know who could be behind the mask and black hood and cloak when it comes to Ghostface. And with a voice changing device the possibilities are endless! The semi distorted sounding vocals coupled with the many different sounds going on in Skrillex’sKill Everybody” captures the essence of Ghostface and the many faces that lie underneath the mask. 

But a terrifying EDM soundtrack is not all that we have, some villains are just grossly misunderstood. Ever wonder what kind of music horror movie villains listen to? Me neither. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have some Halloween fun! We put our creative, albeit twisted heads together and imagined some of our favorite horror movie villains’ favorite dance songs!

Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th) - Shelter by Porter Robinson and Madeon 

Jason Vorhees

Oh, you were expecting some heavy dubstep weren’t you? Of course you were. Everyone runs from Jason, but no one ever just asks how he’s doing. Under that mask isn’t just a terrifying monster. In reality, he’s a sensitive guy who just happens to sometimes terrorize innocent campers. When he’s not out wreaking havoc he enjoys a quiet night in listening to Porter and Madeon and enjoying a nice bath.

Pinhead (Hellraiser) - Pain by Boy Harsher


When he isn't unleashing unholy wrath upon his unsuspecting victims, Pinhead gets down and dirty to some techno at some crazy "adult-oriented" German parties. After a long night of harvesting souls, he strips out of that long robe and straps on something a little more comfortable. This song is perfect for a man who walks around with pins in his head. The lyrics about pain and rhythm in combination with the dark electronica seem like they were almost created with our troubled demon in mind.

Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) - Any of those country infused dance music songs


The only thing scarier than a masked chainsaw-wielding man on a murderous rampage is the fact that the person who decided that country music and dance music should be combined is free to roam the streets.

Bonus Round

Scary Terry (Rick and Morty) - Planet Purge Pt. 2 by Midnight Tyrannosaurus & EH!DE

Scary Terry Rick and Morty

Had to throw this one into the bunch in honor of the unofficial tv show of dance music!

So there you have it! We hope all your horror movie villain fantasies have been fulfilled, we know ours are.