After Monstercat's massive acquisition of Silk Music, the Monstercat Silk label is already off to a stellar start. Now, dance music megastar Kaskade is gearing up for his debut Monstercat Silk release, which is shaping up to be one of 2021's best EPs.

Kaskade's Reset EP will be out tomorrow, March 5th, and will consist of four tracks that are also featured in the hit video game Rocket League's current season, which moonlights as an homage to electronic dance music

The title of the EP, as well as its opening track, "Flip Reset," is a clever nod to an in-game Rocket League movement mechanic that pros should be well-versed in. Reset will include the yet-to-be released "Miles To Go," a collaboration with synth-pop star Ella Vos, as well as "Solid Ground" and "Closer," which elevated Rocket League's diverse Season 2 in-game soundtrack.

To celebrate the momentous crossover EP, Kaskade shared his favorite gaming tracks with ahead of its release. Check out his picks below, in his own words.

Kaskade - Reset EP (Art)

The House Rhythms - Nervous Acid

"This song is hypnotism at its very best. It’s a repeating acid and bass line that is going to make you feel like a baller even if you are a noob."

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Coolio, LV - Gangsta’s Paradise

"Hear me out. I have never witnessed this song being played without everyone within audio range being elevated on some level. This is necessary when gaming."

Darude - Sandstorm


Daft Punk - One More Time

"Can’t play a video game without a nod to these guys. However, it becomes a problem when it comes on because there’s no way to stay sitting when this jam is playing."

Grimes - Delete Forever

"This song is Grimes doing what she does best. Confusing us because it feels beautiful while it’s actually tragic. Good stuff to contemplate while in the digital realm."

Kaskade's Reset EP will officially release tomorrow, March 5th, via Monstercat Silk. The record can be preordered or pre-saved here




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