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Formed by two musicians, LoudKult knows a thing or two about how to treat electronic music artists.

Founded in 2018 by Lucas Estrada and Alexander Almqvist, LoudKult is a Swedish imprint looking to shake things up for artists who are jaded by the current structure of major record labels. As music producers themselves, Almqvist and Estrada have been working to build a brand rooted in clarity and transparency for its roster while offering them a hub for artist development.

Fast-forward to 2022, when LoudKult has emerged as a bona fide tastemaker with over four million followers across its playlists. The "artist-friendly" label harnesses quite an influence in terms of music discovery, helping millions find new music in electronic dance music, ambient, lo-fi, and many other genres. LoudKult employs these playlists to push their artists' music, essentially using them as launchpads to eventually build their respective brands.

One of LoudKult's most popular playlists is "Workout Beats," dedicated to heart-racing bangers for the gym. They also own and operate a wildly popular playlist housing the latest TikTok hits, regularly updating it for those who want to stream the music they hear on the platform's short-form videos. This playlist currently features over 200 songs and has 1.6 million likes on Spotify.

LoudKult's offices are in Stockholm with a diverse team of employees with 7 women and 6 men, and its founders are now looking to expand with an office in Los Angeles. And as they grow, they are looking for fresh talent to develop under their "For Artists, By Artists" mantra.

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"LoudKult was a real game-changer for me and the team," said Michel Fannoun, CEO of RHR Music Group, who licenses music to LoudKult. "From the early days, Lucas started connecting us to a bunch of talented producers and artists around the world and we ended up with 40 million-plus streams and over 30 releases. Today LoudKult is for sure one of the best labels in the world because of the strong team and family spirit. LoudKult is really a label created by artists for artists and that shows in the way they work with their artists, and the value they bring in form of the opportunity for musicians to develop their craft."

One of the label's success stories is rooted in the growth of Blinded Hearts, a German dance music producer. One of the first artists to sign with LoudKult, he went from 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify to over 1 million in a short timeframe, ultimately amassing north of 90 million. 

The Loudkult team and Blinded Hearts.

The Loudkult team and Blinded Hearts.

"The contact with A&Rs, managers, or artists often doesn't last long in such a fast-moving business like music," said Blinded Hearts. "But with LoudKult and Blinded Hearts, it is and was different. We are separated by exactly 1,314.50 km—but at the end of the day, LoudKult is like a family to me. Basically, we do everything together. We challenge, celebrate, encourage and help each other."

You can connect with LoudKult and find out more about the label's body of work via the links below.





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