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One trait that is common throughout every human culture despite time and geography is that we all love to dance.

Dancing allows individuals to express emotion, physical strength, and of course, sexuality. A recent study published by Scientific Reports suggests that data can be used to determine the most sexually attractive dance moves.

The study conducted by Northumbria University recorded dance movements of 39 heterosexual woman between ages 18-30 who were non-professional dancers. By using digital dance markers that recorded each woman's movements, scientists were able to extrapolate motion data to create a 3D digital avatar that would remove biases related to height, weight, and physical attractiveness. The study pooled data from specifically women on account of heterosexual men's heightened sensitivity to visual stimuli, particularly in the opposite sex.

The study pooled a collection of 200 raters to quickly rank dancers on a scale of 1-7 (1=extremely bad dancer, 7= extremely good dancer) from 15 seconds of composite video from each of the 39 dancers. What the result of these ratings revealed is that there may be a relationship between women's autonomous movement of different body parts. For example, dancers with greater hip swing, asymmetric movement of the thighs, and an intermediate level of asymmetric arm movement was found to be the most attractive dance qualities in this particular study.

Think you've got hot moves? See if yours measure up to the study's 'sexiest' dance moves below!

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