The coronavirus pandemic may have thwarted house parties, but a collective of Swedish artists have created a record shop for mice—and it's a mouse party.

AnonyMouse is an anonymous arts collective known for building miniature mouse-themed structures and art installations in Sweden and other European countries. They recently debuted the tiny vinyl shop, which is located on the corner of Nygatan Street in Lund. Check out a photo of the record shop for mice below, hilariously called "Ricotta Records" to cater to their love of cheese.

In an incredible display of attention to detail, the walls of the shop are adorned with posters, like Modest Mouse and a rodent version of Dolly Parton named "Dolly Parsley." Visitors are also able to peek in and find an array of minuscule vinyl records for sale, including mouse versions of N.W.A‘s Straight Outta Compton and Joni Mitchell‘s Blue.

Credit: NME

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