Some songs just don't know when to give up.

In an age where media encompasses everything we do, fads seem to grow old much faster than they used to. Songs used to be able to stay at the top of the chart for months at a time, but that is rarely the case anymore.This is a list of songs that every DJ should just take off their set list because they’ve been beaten to death. This list is not meant to judge the quality of any of these songs, but only that they, at some point, over-saturated the EDM scene. Disagree? 

20. I Can't Stop - Flux Pavilion

This Flux Pavilion track was huge in the dance music scene in 2010, before Jay-Z and Kanye West sampled it in their hit “Who Gon Stop Me.” The track is still getting played out at festivals across the world, and Flux even remixed the track in 2013, calling it “I Still Can’t Stop.”

19. Better Off Alone - Alice Deejay

Bringing it all the way back to 1999, this song will be stuck in your head the rest of the day. This song was a chart-topper in many countries and is still a throwback track at many clubs around the country.

18. When Love Takes Over - David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland

This song was a massive hit, giving us a little bit of progressive house on the radio in the late 2000s, before the “EDM” movement really blew up.

17. Turn Down for What - DJ Snake ft. Lil John

Although this song was an explosive festival banger when it was originally released, these days when this track comes on we think, "turn down the volume."

16. Call On Me - Eric Prydz

The 2004 hit helped put Eric Prydz on the map with its bubble-gum hook and catchy melody, but thankfully this isn't the only track in his library.  😅

15. Harder Better Faster Stronger - Daft Punk

Such an iconic song, even Kanye couldn’t stay away from sampling it.

14. Clarity - Zedd ft. Foxes

We left this out of the top 10 because this song still holds a special place in our hearts. However, there is no denying that this song got overplayed at festivals and on the radio, hitting number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100.

13. Starry Eyed Surprise - Paul Oakenfold

Chances are when you first heard this song you had no idea that it was about going on an MDMA-fueled binge.

12. Feel So Close - Calvin Harris

There's no doubt that this song hits us right in the feels, but when this track first dropped in 2011 we might have listened to it one (or 200) too many times.

13. Satisfaction - Benny Benassi 

We'll never look at power tools the same way again. 😬

12. Chris Lake - Operator

*sets phone to silent*

11. Runaway - Galantis

Somehow those sweet angelic children's voices that we first fell in love with sound so much more shrill these days.

10. Deep Down Low - Valentino Khan

Like, we respect how bass was a big hit in 2015, but we've literally heard this in every festival set ever since.

9. Like a Bitch - Zomboy

Fun drinking game: every time a dubstep DJ plays Like a Bitch by Zomboy you take a shot. 

*We're not responsible for you inevitable liver damage.

8. Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Ray (Cedric Gervais Remix)

y she so sad tho?

7. Don't You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia

There was a time... when Swedish House Mafia ruled the charts. But those days are gone. Maybe a reunion tour in 2018?

6. Throwing Elbows - Excision

Guaranteed to be heard by every opening dubstep DJ everywhere.

5. Cinema - Benny Benassi (Skrillex Remix)

The worst part is that despite rinsing this track on the regular since 2011, it's still such a tune.

4. Finally Moving - Pretty Lights

Bet you didn't even know that the vocal sampled in this was Etta James' "Something's Got a Hold On Me"

3. Levels - Avicii

You can blame this song on why your little sister and her best friend were suddenly addicted to EDM.

2. Animals - Martin Garrix

The track that made Garrix's career has amassed over 1 billion plays... most of them from us, tbh.

1. Closer - The Chainsmokers

Every time we hear that "hey" we cringe now.