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If you haven’t enjoyed a little rave to a video game soundtrack - even just for a few seconds - then you’re most likely either lying to yourself, or your memory is letting you down. Since their inception, video games have provided users with a plethora of classic soundtracks. From the likes of Final Fantasy VIII to the hugely popular Red Dead Redemption, we’ve had it all, and from a wide range of genres too. Whether it’s a classic rock song to accompany a shooter game or a dance tune to bring a racing game to life in a multi-sensory and fully immersive way, a killer soundtrack really can help to enhance a gaming experience.

With all of this in mind, we thought we’d go through some of the more memorable video game soundtracks in history, and narrow it down to the very best, especially for all of our loyal EDM lovers.

Persona 4

A relatively unknown game, Persona 4 has one hell of a soundtrack. Written by Shoji Meguro, this tune is a mix of jazz, old school midi, J-pop, rock, and hip-hop - which sounds like a potential mess - but it isn’t. With its lovely mix of horns, keys and beats, this is a catchy number, all right. Perhaps one criticism is that it’s a tad cheesy in parts, but overall we had to include this one.

Streets of Rage 2

We’re going back in time a bit here, but Streets of Rage 2 had a banger of a soundtrack. Considered to be a God among video game composers, Yuzo Koshiro nailed this track down to a tee. A mix of Detroit house with a real feel of the Eurobeat scene throughout, this tune wouldn’t be out of place in any dance club.

A certain toe-tapper, this is a classic video game soundtrack, although you could argue casino games deserve a mention too. The likes of Spinal Tap, Narcos and The Matrix have excellent soundtracks too. You can find these casino games online here. Yuzo Koshiro’s composition is hard to better though, especially when assessing the very best soundtracks out there. If you haven’t played Streets of Rage 2 yet, then you’re in for one hell of a treat.

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Hotline Miami

Despite being on what feels like a never-ending loop throughout the game, Hotline Miami’s techno-filled soundtrack suits the tense and dramatic feel of the game overall and will have you nodding along as you tackle the game. Composed by Jasper Byrne and, unsurprisingly, called ‘Miami’ this soundtrack is a true masterpiece.

Street Fighter II

In all honesty, trying to fit this soundtrack into a particular category is a tough task, but it definitely feels like the composer - Yoko Shimomura - is a dance music fan with this one. Her first piece of work after leaving college was working with technology in the form of a CPS-1 sound chip, Shimomura probably didn’t realize that she’d eventually produce what is now an iconic theme song for the ages.

Ridge Racer Type 4

We had to end with this list with an absolute belter from Ridge Racer Type 4 called ‘One More Win’. An eclectic track fusing Namco's game-y synth beats with jazz, funk, and house, this is the perfect accompaniment to a wild racing game, especially one as epic as Ridge Racer Type 4.


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