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Digital audio workstation Ableton has launched Note, a brand new mobile application on iOS. It's available now for $5.99.

According to Ableton's website, "Note is a place to start ideas, experiment with sounds, and find direction. As part of your regular music-making routine, it can help you hone the skill of starting or ease into a creative headspace at the start of a session."

Note comes built-in with drum kits, melodic instruments and a variety of synths, but users are also able to record their own sounds in to craft their own library. While it's significantly cheaper than the desktop version of Ableton, it's also not a replacement. Ableton's full suite is built into the desktop software.

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Note allows creatives to send their Note Set to Ableton Live without having to leave the app. The technology uses Ableton Cloud to sync projects across devices so music producers can pick up where they left off. 

Many other digital audio workstations have mobile apps, including Apple's Logic Pro X and Image-Line's FL Studio. Electronic music artists are already utilizing Note to showcase the app's capabilities, like dubstep star Barely Alive.

Ableton Note is available in Apple's App Store for $5.99. Learn more and download it here.



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