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A new web-based beatmaking software from independent developer Vitling allows users to create endless randomized acid house patterns and melodies through algorithms.

The Endless Acid Banger is powered by a Roland TB-303 and TR-909 emulator, giving users the power to craft a classic acid house sound at random through an algorithmic process. Though manual input of notes is not a function of The Endless Acid Banger, the Autopilot and Notegen functions within the sequencer are built to produce pleasant and enticing melodies.

The Endless Acid Banger landing page.

The Endless Acid Banger landing page.

Other functions include modifications like filter cutoff, resonance, envelope modulation and decay for the TB-303, and the option to mute the bass drum, open hat, closed hat and snare drum on the TR-909. Delay and tempo adjustment apply to both machines. The functions allow the user to further control the sound of the loops, even though the melodies and drum patterns are created via algorithm.

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A Refresh function within the Notegen allows the user to generate a new 303 note sequence until they're content, allowing for endless melodic possibilities within The Endless Acid Banger.

Vitling's software is free to use, and the source code is available on Github. The developer asks that should users want to thank him, they can sponsor his Github page or purchase music from his various projects.

Check out The Endless Acid Banger here



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