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In May, esteemed audio design brand AIAIAI announced that it would be reducing its carbon footprint by utilizing high-grade recycled plastics in its products and packaging. Going green is something that every brand can get behind, but it can sometimes result in a downgrade in terms of product quality. So how do AIAIAI's customizable TMA-2 headphones hold up after the green shift?

The answer is quite simple—the TMA-2 headphone is better than ever, and remains a leading top-shelf selection for the purposes of DJing, music production, and casual listening alike. 

Premade TMA-2 models vary widely to cater to the user's individual preferences, and include wireless and comfort-based models. But AIAIAI lets the user remain in control with the modular headphone system, allowing users to pick and choose each part of the headphone to fit their needs. Upon ordering, those individual parts come shipped together in one fully-recyclable package to further help reduce AIAIAI's carbon footprint.

Base TMA-2 models can be expanded upon with different parts, so the user can interchange speaker units, headbands, cables, and more, to individual taste. Full control over the headphone build guarantees the ultimate listening experience, and AIAIAI's website can help the user choose everything they need, even down to the balance of sound. 

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Of course, sound is the most important feature for any headphone brand, and the sustainably produced TMA-2 headphone system does not compromise the impeccable sound quality that AIAIAI is so well-known for. That sound quality is apparent, and trusted and used exclusively by electronic music sages such as Richie Hawtin, Charlotte de Witte, and KAYTRANADA, among others.

There are endless possibilities with the sustainably produed TMA-2 modular headphone system. Guilt-free, top-quality sound is the name of the game for AIAIAI. 

Learn more and check out the rest of AIAIAI's offerings at their official website



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