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Dance music superstar Alesso recently cautioned artists unwilling to invest the time to learn about NFTs at the moment. "I think they will regret it in the future," the hit-making producer stated on The Scoop podcast.

Alesso recently dropped his debut digital collectible series "Cosmic Genesis" via OneOf, an eco-conscious NFT platform specializing in onboarding musicians into the red-hot NFT movement. Alesso and Lin Dai, CEO of OneOf, recently appeared on the podcast to speak in depth about what the medium means for the future of the creator economy. 

As with any technological movement, there are early adopters and there are laggards who will write off the trend as an ephemeral fad before eventually making a late entry. When asked about how his colleagues feel about NFTs Alesso suggested there continues to be strong interest, but the terminology and nascent technology have deterred some artists from becoming involved.

"People are scared of these terms—they're new and you don't quite understand what it means," Alesso said. "It took me awhile too... I'm still learning everyday." Ultimately Alesso suggests that artists will need to put the work in to understand NFTs if they're going to be participants in the current creative revolution.

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Alesso also explained that he personally was drawn to the medium given the potential to engage in artistic world-building through the combination of music and visuals. It's an aspect he finds rewarding when presenting his music in a live setting, and now NFTs present another way to share stories through music.

On November 4th Alesso is scheduled to debut the music tied to "Cosmic Genesis" live from New York's Terminal 5 at Dreamverse, the world's largest NFT festival.

You can listen to the full episode of The Scoop below.





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