In the 1980s, music technology shifted from analog to digital, and the world of DJing hasn't seen another major change in format since.

Enter Algoriddim, a software company established in 2006. Devoted to changing the status quo and heralding the next paradigm shift in DJing, Algoriddim's new Neural Mix AI system seeks to revolutionize the way that modern DJs perform.

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Using artificial intelligence within their djay Pro AI software, Algoriddim have managed to create technology not just for mixing tracks, but also deconstructing their elements and separating them entirely, giving DJs maximum mixing prowess. For example, vocals can be isolated within djay Pro AI's interface using Neural Mix, or removed from a track altogether. This gives users the capability to create their own acapella or instrumental versions of tracks, providing an easy and efficient way to mix and create in real time. 

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With a simple fader adjustment, drum samples and other instruments or vocals can be removed, added, and mixed into other tracks to provide a fully functional remixing system on the fly. For those looking to get extra creative within DJ sets, Neural Mix AI is a dream come true. 

This is made possible through Algoriddim's AI software, which has been in development for 14 years. It identifies rhythmic patterns within each song in order to isolate sections, showcase optimal fading duration, and more within seconds. For veterans and beginners alike, this technology is impressive and fun to use, creating limitless creative potential.

A simple and intuitive display for iPad or MacBook models ensures that users get the most out of djay Pro AI without over-complications or confusion. The interface is quick to learn, compatible with most modern MIDI capable hardware controls, and offers over 30 MIDI-mappable commands. 

Algoriddim has created a software platform with care and passion for music that will change DJ performance realm. Will it be the next big paradigm shift? See for yourself. 

Neural Mix and djay Pro are available for many versions of iOS. For a full list, check out Algoriddim's official website. djay Pro AI can be downloaded directly from the app store at this link


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