Beatport's taking a page out of SoundCloud's book by the looks of things. The online music marketplace has announced a service called Beatport LINK that will allow its subscribers to stream music directly from their catalogue using various DJ software.

The first software to integrate the beta release of Beatport LINK will be Pioneer DJ's WeDJ app, which emulates the functionality of DJ gear on a mobile device's touch screen. Included in the new service is a beta release of Beatport CLOUD, a suite of new features including an interface called My Library and Beatport's Needle Drop Player.

Beatport's previous foray into streaming had met an ill fate, but Beatport LINK follow's SoundCloud's example of tailoring their subscription service to the needs of performing artists. As of late last yearSoundCloud Go+ subscribers can stream tracks directly to Serato DJ Pro - and integrations with Native Instruments, Virtual DJ and others are soon to follow.

Beatport LINK will also soon be available to users of the Pioneer DJ software rekordbox.