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Beatsource, the joint venture between DJcity and Beatport, just launched a game-changing product for DJs in the streaming era. Beatsource LINK is a new integration service allowing open-format DJs to harness the depth of a catalog with unmatched resources.

Through Beatsource LINK, DJcity and Beatport, two of the largest digital audio retailers, will allow their music and curated playlists to be streamed by DJs directly to their personal performance software. To start, Beatsource LINK will be integrated with Pioneer's rekordbox, but the goal is to develop additional performance integrations with similar DJ software brands in the coming months.

After Beatsource LINK launched its beta version, the announcement won some early praise from A-Trak. The veteran turntablist was quick to point out that curation is half the battle in mastering the art of DJing with streaming services. The arsenal of tracks behind the Beatsource platform gives DJs the performance edge they need from a curation perspective.

As A-Trak also points out, the other half of the equation is utilizing offline locker technology. Beatsource LINK has this functionality covered as well, allowing artists to store tracks and playlists on their devices, enabling them to access the content they need even without an internet connection. 

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