Carl Cox's storied career is about to traverse this plane of existence.

The veteran producer has effectively been immortalized in the metaverse with the help of Sensorium Galaxy. Ahead of its launch later this year, the cutting-edge VR platform has been aggressively courting dance music's finest producers, signing them to residencies within their digital concert platform. That list includes David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, Black Coffee, and Cox. 

Ahead of his debut at the PRISM metaverse venue, Cox has been in Melbourne working with the team to help create his virtual avatar. In a new behind-the-scenes video, the fabled techno producer and DJ shares his insights on the exciting new technology and his impressions on how this venture will reshape the live music experience.

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Cox describes the product as something "beyond the expectations of what you would experience inside such a virtual reality space." In the clip, we see him calibrating his movements for a performance environment and working with developers to achieve a hyper-realistic image and likeness for his avatar. 

Sensorium Galaxy's PRISM experience is currently in closed beta testing—the final stage prior to its initial public release—expected in Q3 this year.




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