Zenith has been providing top-shelf watches since 1865. Undoubtedly a high-end watchmaker, the price tags for their pieces can reach absurd amounts in the same vein as Hublot or Rolex. Electronic music pioneer Carl Cox is ready to take Zenith into the future with his custom-designed limited edition watch - but be ready to shell out for it. 

The Zenith Defy 21 Carl Cox Edition's price tag is set at a whopping $18,800. Limited to only 200 units available, the watch will certainly be a hot ticket item for diehard Carl Cox fans looking to splurge on a timeless timepiece that doubles as a piece of electronic music history.

Cox's specially designed watch features a marbled outer rim with a red wrist strap and a cleverly placed cog that resembles a vinyl record. The watch's body is entirely carbon fiber, making it lightweight yet durable. With a glow-in-the-dark bezel, it can be described as club ready. It's also waterproof with a 10 ATM measurement, meaning it's certified at up to 100 meters below water for a short time but isn't recommended for diving or long periods of water exposure. 

Fans who wish to view more information about Carl Cox's Defy 21 watch can view it at this link. Have your checkbook ready. 

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