Cue Aphex Twin's "Windowlicker" and perk up those robot ears, because Cluvens has revealed its Scorpion—and it's straight out of the office of JP from Grandma's Boy

The aptly named Scorpion (or, more formally, the IW-SK zero-gravity esports gaming chair and workstation) literally resembles the body of one of the poisonous little arachnids. Six legs support the 265lb chair, and the "claws" serve as arm rests and a keyboard support. To round out the design, an overhanging tail piece wraps over the user to act as a screen mount and completely enclose the user within its grasp. Cute!

Boasting a sleek frame and teeming with LED lights, the Scorpion looks rather intimidating, but also extremely comfortable. With a reclining radius of up to 170°, the user can just as easily sit up into "I'm down 20 points in NBA 2K" gaming position as they can lay back and make pretend they're at a really weird dentist. With the touch of a button, the internalized motor reclines the chair into the desired position for maximum pwnage with minimal effort. Take that, hospital beds.

Additionally flaunting built-in massage and heating functions, the Scorpion chair is fit for a Scorpion King, and we're not talking about the shoddy 2001 CGI Dwayne Johnson type, either. If your budget is bigger than that of The Mummy Returns' CGI team, you can take home your own Cluvens Scorpion chair for a cool $3,300.

Gamers and supervillains interested in playing some Eternal Death Slayer III in an IW-SK chair can learn more about it at the Cluvens website


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