As if DIY culture wasn't already popping off in our pandemic-induced boredom, YouTube 3D-printing channel Mars Gizmo has turned it up a notch with a new tutorial on 3D-prints of miniature Daft Punk helmets. 

In addition to a short instructional video, Mars Gizmo included in its description a list of recommended filament colors and super glues, along with links to an entry-level 3D printer. Both designs were originally published on Thangs, an online database for storing and sharing 3D printer designs. 

With more than one million subscribers, Mars Gizmo has also published designs for a Darth Vader helmet, a Pokémon diorama and a bust of Vision from The Avengers, among others. And if 3D printing isn't your jam, check out these 10 unique Daft Punk collectibles to keep the spirits of the robots alive.

You can download the designs for free for both Thomas Bangalter's silver digs and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo's gold option.


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